A backup generator ensures your home or business is protected during bad weather conditions, natural disasters and other emergencies. With so many backup power options available, how do you know you’re working with experienced professionals and getting a great deal? This guide reviews some important questions to ask when you’re looking for a whole home generator. 

1. Do You Have a License and Insurance to Operate in Florida? 

It’s important to ask any contractor who performs work on your property to show proof they’re licensed to work in your area. Licensed and insured contractors can show you their certificates or credentials when asked, so be wary of any contractor who can’t provide documentation. GenerX is fully licensed and insured to work in Florida. 

2. What Services Are Included in a Generator Installation? 

When you’re getting a quote for a standby generator, there are several things you need to consider. First is the cost of the generator itself, but you shouldn’t forget that you need to pay for labor and installation. When getting quotes, make sure you ask additional questions so you’re not surprised later with charges you weren’t expecting. 

Standby Generac Generator

3. Do You Offer Financing? 

A standby generator is a great investment, but you may be better off splitting the cost into monthly payments instead of paying for it in a lump sum. 

GenerX Generators offers financing plans that allow you to get the backup generator you need to protect your home or family without breaking the bank. 

4. What Do I Need to Do to Maintain My Generator? 

Your generator only does you good if it can provide power on demand during a power outage or emergency. It’s important to inspect your generator regularly and perform preventive maintenance. When getting a quote for your generator, you should ask what it costs to perform repairs, and whether the dealer you’re working with offers any service plans to keep you protected.  

5. Do I Need a Permit to Install a Backup Generator? 

City and county laws may vary, so you must ensure your contractor knows and follows local laws. You might need a permit to install a generator, so you should ask about the permit process and what’s required to stay compliant.  

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6. How Long Have You Been Doing Business? 

One way to tell you’re dealing with experienced professionals is if they’ve served your community for a long time. You’re taking a risk when hiring contractors who’ve been in business for under 5 years because you don’t know if they will still be around when you need maintenance performed on your generator.  

7. Do You Have References? 

Hearing what other people say about a contractor can let you know how your experience may go. Ask for references or reviews to see how well the contractor takes care of their clients and whether people return for repeat business. These are signs you’re dealing with a quality contractor. 

8. Can I Get a Written Estimate? 

Always ask for a written estimate, and make sure it includes the cost of installation and labor. This is the best way to compare quotes with other contractors to make sure you’re getting a good deal. It’s generally a good idea to get multiple quotes before hiring someone. 

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9. What Warranties Do You Offer? 

Some generator repairs can be expensive, so make sure you know what’s covered under your manufacturer’s warranty. You should also ask if the warranties have any conditions you should be aware of, such as maintenance schedules or if you’re only allowed to use manufacturer parts for repairs.  

GenerX offers service plans so you can pay one monthly fee and know you’re covered in the event of a generator breakdown. Our plans cover regular inspections and maintenance, emergency repairs and all the parts and labor associated with your maintenance.  

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