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Automatic Backup Generator Maintenance

Your emergency backup generator is no different than the family vehicle. Just like a vehicle needs regular oil changes, battery checkups, and other maintenance tasks and parts replacement, your standby generator is no different. 

GenerX Generators provides generator maintenance to homeowners, commercial, and industrial business owners and operators for all types of emergency generators including Generac. 

GenerX Generators has a large warehouse stacked with all types of generator parts and supplies. Our warehouse also carries parts to fit Generac generators and other manufacturers such as Honeywell generators. We also have a network of affiliated partners that can quickly supply us with parts not warehoused on-site.

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Generator Repair

Have a generator issue but it isn’t a Generac? Not a problem. We only sell Generac generators but will repair generators from other manufacturers. Common non-Generac generators we’ve repaired often include brands such as Kohler, CAT, Briggs & Stratton, Champion, Honeywell, Cummins, and many more.

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Generator Service

Nothing is worse than having your emergency generator fail during a power outage. GenerX provides backup generator checkups and service to ensure you don’t go without power when it’s needed most.

Contact GenerX to inquire about our backup generator maintenance, service and repair for your automatic standby generator today.

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From the core of the engine to the controls, we stand by our product with one of the best warranties in the industry. We ensure that our generators are quiet, powerful and reliable – and this can only be done by sourcing the best possible product. Generac Generators are the largest and most reliable source for home, business, and recreational backup generators. We offer competitive sales, installation, and service to ensure that the quality of our guests’ experience is top-tier, no matter the nature of their generator needs. GenerX is proud to have been designated as Generac’s PowerPro Dealer for 6 consecutive years.

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Happy Customers

"Mark Costis and the Generx team keep my whole house powered in case of city power outages. They have the greatest service and excellent products. With a full tank of propane (250 gallons) I can run my whole house for at least a week. Thanks Mark! A Generx Generator was a great investment!"


"Irma would've been an even bigger nightmare without our generator--it's officially my new favorite thing, and I'm grateful for the work you're doing in the Tampa Bay area."


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