Backup power generation is more important than ever. Everyday, our world gets more fast-paced, and our personal and work lives become more reliant on power, making it necessary to have a plan for staying powered up no matter what. 

As more families and business owners look for reliable backup power, wait times increase. That means that planning ahead for your generator installation isn’t just advisable – it’s necessary.

To make the process easier, we have put together a list of the top 3 qualities you should look for in a generator company that you plan on purchasing a Backup Generator from:

1. Excellence

We recommend choosing a full-service generator dealer, with a team that is large and in charge. GenerX is the largest team of specialized Generac generator contractors in Tampa Bay. Our dedication to keeping our community in power runs deep: rather than taking cover during inclement weather, we’re available to address your generator needs right when they’re the most pressing.

2. Expertise

You wouldn’t allow a plumber to fix your electrical panel, right? GenerX understands that specialization is the key to mastery, which is why we are not a multi-service provider. We’re not an A/C or electrical company dabbling in generators; from purchasing to installation and repairs, we’re specialists in generators through and through.

3. Expediency

When your property is in need of a generator, speed is instrumental. Not only does GenerX understand the importance of providing efficient services: we live by it. It’s why our team is composed of seasoned experts who are ready and willing to address your needs. Talk about powerful.

Premier Generac Dealer

Premier is the highest level of Generac awards available to members of the Generac’s dealer network and open only to those that meet rigorous standards. 

To be a Premier dealer, Generac requires that you have a large inventory of new generators and parts, employ at least eight factory trained technicians, and maintain a minimum customer satisfaction rate of 92%. GenerX exceeds all of Generac’s criteria.

Like all Premier dealers, GenerX is committed to exceptional sales and service experiences. We strive to consistently provide outstanding customer service and maintain our local product and parts inventory.

Check out one of our previous blogs: Why Working with a Premier Dealer in Generators Makes All the Difference, to learn more. 

From clean, quiet home standby power systems to multi-megawatt generation plants for large data centers, GenerX sells and installs Generac generators that power up Florida consumers and businesses alike.

Power Your Home

Losing power in your home is not only inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous. Aside from spoiled food in your refrigerator and freezer, if you or a family member have life-saving medical equipment that needs to remain powered, or you need to charge your cell phones in case you need to call for help, power is crucial. 

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Power Your Business

As we mentioned, losing power at home is inconvenient… However, when the power goes out at your business it can be catastrophic. You won’t be able to serve your clients, potentially harming your brand’s reputation. Power outages cause lost revenues, decrease employee productivity, and are a headache you can avoid with a standby generator.

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Automatic Backup Generator Maintenance

Your emergency backup generator is no different than the family vehicle. Just like a vehicle needs regular oil changes, battery checkups, and other maintenance tasks and parts replacement, your standby generator is no different. 

GenerX Generators provides generator maintenance to homeowners, commercial, and industrial business owners and operators for all types of emergency generators including Generac. 

GenerX Generators has a large warehouse stacked with all types of generator parts and supplies. Our warehouse also carries parts to fit Generac generators and other manufacturers such as Honeywell generators. We also have a network of affiliated partners that can quickly supply us with parts not warehoused on-site.

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