When searching for a generator, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. After all, every business likes to talk about its awards and distinctions, and it can be difficult to discern which ones truly make a company stand out. If you’re looking to purchase your own generator, finding the right dealer is crucial; it will make all the difference in the quality of your customer service experience and in the performance of your generator itself. When it comes to comparing between different dealers, the most telling trait for you to look for is a dealer who has the Generac Premier Dealer award. You might be curious as to why this award is superior to others – after all, isn’t any manufacturer’s award impressive? The difference is simple: dealers who are awarded the Generac Premier Dealer honor must not only meet a set of strict requirements in both product quality and customer service – they must always maintain those standards, without fail. To learn more about the Premier Dealer distinction, and the ways it can help you pinpoint a premier dealer in generators, just keep reading.

What Is a Premier Dealer?

Generac Power Systems, the manufacturer of Generac Generators, grants awards to its dealers based on various standards of performance. In general, these recognitions are awarded to the best-in-class Generac dealers on the market as symbols of their distinction and commitment to excellence.

The “Premier Dealer” award is the highest honor Generac can bestow on a dealer. It means that dealer has met or exceeded the following criteria for quality in every step of the generator dealing process, from supply to customer satisfaction:

1. Inventory

The first criterion that must be met in order for a dealer to be considered for “Premier” ranking is a large and varied inventory of Generac generators and parts. Premier dealers must be equipped to handle the needs of their clients, particularly given the urgent nature of generator power.

2. Technicians

Handling clients’ needs cannot be done without a sufficient amount of professionals equipped to install, repair, and maintain Generac’s appliances. For this reason, all Premier Dealers for Generac must have a minimum of eight factory-trained technicians on-staff.

3. Clients

Finally, as client satisfaction is the foundation upon which criteria for “Premier” dealers are determined, all dealers awarded this distinction must maintain at least a 92% customer satisfaction rate.

This sounds great, but what does it mean for you?

1. For one, it simplifies the generator search. By looking exclusively for Premier dealers, you’ll narrow down your search and make the entire process easier.
2. It allows you to rest assured that the dealer you’re working with has a varied inventory, expertise and specialization, and the best customer service practices.
3. Last but certainly not least, because every Premier Dealer in generators has a consistently high customer service rating, you can enter the experience knowing you’ll receive excellent service, attentive care, and a fair price.

The Premier Dealer criteria are determined to distinguish the very best Generac generator dealers, serving as both an honor for the dealer and a signal for prospective customers of robust inventory, a skilled team, and excellent service.

About Generac Generators

In order for you to understand what a high distinction the “Premier Dealer” status is, it’s important to learn a little about Generac. As the number-one name in home generator backup systems, Generac values quality above all else in its products, from the residential to the commercial. Established for 50 years, Generac has consistently been providing dealers and customers alike with top-tier products. In short: Generac has a long-standing reputation in both service and quality, and they provide dealer evaluations that you can trust.

The “Premier Dealer” distinction is an easy way for you to identify that a Generac dealer has met and upheld the highest standards outlined by Generac for both business operations and customer satisfaction. It is a prestigious honor bestowed upon a select few dealers by a supplier who has been in the business for the better part of the century, and it allows you to pinpoint the highest-quality generator dealers in your area. To learn about what Generx’s Premier Dealer status means for your experience with us, click here.