Generator maintenance is crucial for ensuring efficient operation when needed. However, home generator maintenance can be confusing if you don’t know what to do. Let’s  review the best practices for generator maintenance.


Fluid Checks

Standby generator maintenance should start with checking and maintaining fluid levels. Clean oil ensures smooth operation and prevents excess wear, and topping off your coolant levels as needed will prevent overheating and freezing. 


Regular Testing

Ensure your generator is ready by adding regular testing to your generator maintenance checklist. Run a load test, where you run the generator at maximum capacity, to ensure it can handle power demands. Also, maintain an exercise schedule by running the generator for a short period of time each week to keep the engine parts lubricated and battery charged.


Check the Battery

The battery is what helps your generator start. Poor maintenance of generator batteries is usually the culprit for a failed start. Generator batteries last between 3 and 5 years depending on brand, quality, and usage.


Keep the Area Around Your Generator Clean

The area around your generator is also important for proper operation and safety. A clean surrounding is essential for proper air intake and gas exhaust. Add cleaning away leaves, dirt, and other debris to your home generator maintenance checklist to prevent blockages and ensure ventilation.


Find Professional Generator Maintenance Near You

At GenerX, we always recommend that you find a professional generator maintenance company for routine generator maintenance. Having an expert handle all the maintenance your generator needs will ensure that everything is done correctly so that you can rely on your generator when you need it most.


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