A staple of most companies is to provide a Frequently Asked Questions page to go through some of the most common questions. The problem is, no one talks about what questions you SHOULD be asking. 

So, the GenerX team wanted to provide you with a list of questions that you should be asking when purchasing or considering purchasing a standby generator. 

  1. Why should I buy an automatic standby generator for my commercial location instead of a portable generator? In short, automatic standby generators provide protection 24/7. The generator will turn itself off when utility power returns. A portable generator, by design, will likely be unable to give you the power you need to backup vital systems.
  2. Why can’t a portable generator do what a standby one can? You buy a portable generator and a few weeks later, the power cuts out. If you want to restore your power you’ll need to head out to the facility, make sure it has fuel, start the generator, and decide where to hook it up. This can be challenging, and also complicated, if there isn’t anyone around to do it!
  3. If I turn on and connect the portable generator myself, can’t it power everything a commercial standby generator will? No. Even if you connect everything to your portable generator, it will still be impossible to connect your larger systems as that will require special wiring and setup.
  4. What fuels an automatic commercial standby generator? These generators run on natural gas, LP (liquid propane) gas or diesel fuel supplies. They are less expensive to operate than gasoline and they do not need to be refilled.
  5. I’ve heard horror stories about generators and carbon monoxide poisoning. Does a standby generator pose this risk, too? When properly installed outside your business, a standby generator presents less risk from carbon monoxide poisoning than running a portable generator inside the facility.
  6. Can I install the generator myself? Given how complex a fully installed system is, even though it’s possible, it’s much safer to work with an installer who has been authorized by the generator manufacturer to complete the install process.
  7. How do I know what size of generator is right for my business? The best generator suppliers will give you options of different sizes. This way you can choose coverage for essential functions or complete coverage for the entire facility.
  8. Do automatic standby generators need maintenance? Yes, generators require basic annual maintenance to continue to run properly. Generator dealers who are also equipped for installation will be more likely to offer you ongoing maintenance services, as well.
  9. What if I don’t have access to a natural gas line? Standby generators can run on LP (liquid propane) or diesel fuel as an alternative to natural gas.
  10. Can I just power my business using a standby generator all the time, and forget working with utility companies? No, that would be too expensive. For normal daily use, you get the best deal on power from a utility company.

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