A generator is a great tool to ensure the safety and comfort of yourself, your family, and your team following a major power outage. Of course, the ideal situation is one where your generator perfectly withstands even the most intense of storms, holding up to power all of the appliances needed by your home or business. While that’s possible, and the likelihood of weathering the storm successfully increases when you invest in an excellent generator, there’s always the chance that a severe storm may leave your generator in need of immediate repairs. When that happens, it’ll be important to know which experts are truly there for you.

Leaving Town or Weathering the Storm?

If your generator runs out of power following a hurricane or storm, it can feel like a nightmare: you made a major investment for a time like this, and being left without lights, A/C, or major appliances is something you shouldn’t have to withstand. Even worse? The idea of calling your dealer or regular repair team, only to learn that they’ve either evacuated or are so overloaded with calls that their team can’t handle another repair anytime soon.

This is why it’s crucial for you to know beforehand who stays in town, at the ready with the services of their large and experienced team to help you (even if you’re a first-time customer).

A Commitment to Customer Service

There’s no denying that, when the storm hits and the power is knocked out, you want immediate help from the best. How, though, can you ensure that a generator dealer is the best if you’ve never worked with them before? The answer is simple: look for a dealer who has been awarded Generac’s Premier Dealer Status.

“Premier Dealer” is the highest distinction awarded by Generac Generators, the premier name in residential generators. Premier Dealers have a demonstrated history of prioritizing customer satisfaction – in fact, they must uphold a 92% customer satisfaction rate at all times. What’s more, they have the most varied inventory and the highest number of experts on their team per Generac’s high standards.

This means that, when you work with a premier dealer, you work with someone who puts their money where their mouth is – and who does that, simply enough, by helping when they’re needed. And, as it turns out, when the storm hits is often when you need them most.

A Large Team

Hurricane season may have you rethinking the whole “Sunshine State” nickname, and it usually means several months of looking out for and weathering some pretty severe storms. Look for a team of generator dealers who have longevity in the business and a large, diverse team of experts. This will also mean they have familiarity with the Florida landscape – and the intensity of hurricane season. What does that do to help you? It ensures that your team of repairmen is prepared, and that they’re not overwhelmed by calls and are able to help you as quickly as possible when the storm hits.

When the storm hits and the lights go out, you are best served by working with a company you can trust. At GenerX, reliability and trustworthiness doesn’t just mean being there when the going gets rough; it means being there for you with the largest team, the fastest response time, and a massive inventory of supplies at the ready. We know what it takes to generate peace of mind for you – before, during, and after a power outage. To learn more about how we can help you with your generator needs year-round, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by clicking here.