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Generac is proud to launch a promotion offering a free 10 year extended warranty to any consumer who purchases a qualifying 11-22kW standby generator between 01/20/2020 and 03/01/2020.

As long as the following conditions are met, the consumer would qualify for the free 10 year extended warranty offer:

A. The consumer needs to purchase a qualifying 11*, 13, 16, 20, or 22kW standby generator (exact model numbers listed on the attached .pdf) from a dealer or retailer between January 20, 2020 and March 01, 2020.

* 11kW models are discontinued and unavailable to purchase from Generac any longer, however, qualifying models still in stock in the field can qualify for this promotion.

B. The generator must be registered/activated between 01/20/2020 and 04/15/2020.

C. The attached redemption form needs to be filled out by the consumer and either submitted online at http://www.generacpromo.com by 04/15/2020 or mailed/postmarked to Generac by 04/15/2020. The redemption form requires “proof of purchase” paperwork from the consumer. Proof of purchase can be an invoice, receipt, or signed contract dated between 01/20/2020 and 03/01/2020 issued to the consumer from the dealer or retailer the consumer bought the generator from.

Provided that those things happen, Generac will apply the 10 year extended warranty at no charge for the consumer and Generac will provide proof of the extended warranty directly to the consumer.

This promotion is very similar to promotions that have run in previous years. The following tips will help ensure that there are no issues with the fulfillment of the promotion:

1. If condition A, B, or C as stated above are not met, Generac will not grant the extended warranty to the consumer under any circumstance. This means that if there are issues with permitting, passing inspection, waiting on utility shutdowns, product backlog by Generac, dealers backlogged for install dates, failure to submit the form on time, failure to submit all of the information correctly with the redemption form, etc., that cause condition A, B, or C to not be met, Generac will not issue the free extended warranty and there will be no exceptions.

2. Once the consumer submits the redemption form (online or via mail) to Generac, the consumer should make any inquiry about the status of their free extended warranty directly with Generac Consumer Support (888-436-3722, extension 5650, or promofulfillment@generac.com)

3. Please make sure there are no dates outside of 01/20/2020 to 03/01/2020 on the proof of purchase paperwork (such as the receipt, invoice, or signed contract that the dealer provides to the consumer) submitted with the promo redemption form. If there are any dates outside of the 01/20/2020-03/01/2020 period shown on the proof of purchase paperwork, the redemption form will be rejected by Generac.

4. Dealers will not have visibility to the status of the redemption for the free extended warranty. For this promotion, the free extended warranty is not being issued to the dealer to apply to the generator, but is being issued directly to the consumer by Generac Consumer Support. The dealer/retailer involved will not receive any notification when the extended warranty is applied or if there is a rejection of any promo redemption submission.

5. If a dealer has a PowerPlay lead that says “Consumer qualifies for free 10 year extended warranty”, steps A, B, and C as listed above must still be completed. If the dealer changes the status of the lead to “contract signed” and uploads a proposal via PowerPlay, this will not have any impact on the free extended warranty being issued to the consumer. Steps A, B, and C as listed above must still be completed.

6. If a redemption form is denied or rejected back to the consumer by Generac Consumer Support, the Generac Sales team has no authority to get involved on behalf of the dealer, since this is intended to be a direct-to-consumer promotion. This means that your Inside Sales Representative (which is me) and your Territory Development Manager (outside sales) has no ability to assist or approve the redemption, even if you or your customer is told by the Generac Promo Fulfillment team to contact the ISR or TDM. Only the Generac Promo Fulfillment department (888-436-3722, extension 5650, or promofulfillment@generac.com) has the authority to allow any rejected submission to be approved.

7. It is strongly recommended that the dealer does not submit the promo redemption on behalf of the consumer. This promotion is intended to be fulfilled directly between the consumer and Generac Consumer Support. The dealer should provide the paperwork and instructions to the consumer as to how to get the free extended warranty, but should refrain from submitting it on behalf of the consumer.


I have a PowerPlay lead that says in the notes “Consumer qualifies for free 7 year extended warranty”. Can the customer still qualify for this free 10 year extended warranty offer?

Yes, provided that conditions A, B, and C as spelled out above are met. If conditions A, B, and C are met, the consumer would get the free 10 year extended warranty instead of the free 7 year extended warranty.

I have a PowerPlay lead that says in the notes “Consumer qualifies for free 10 year extended warranty” if purchased during this promotion. If the consumer doesn’t buy the generator between 01/20/2020 and 03/01/2020 or doesn’t have the generator installed by 04/15/2020, can the consumer still qualify for a free 7 year extended warranty?

No. If a lead says “consumer qualifies for free 10 year extended warranty” in the notes, the consumer ONLY qualifies for this promotion if conditions A, B, and C as spelled out above are met. The consumer does not qualify for any offer outside of this timeframe or outside of these terms.

Is this offer only valid if the lead comes through the PowerPlay app?

No. The consumer does not need to pre-qualify for this offer directly with Generac. Any consumer is able to qualify for this promotion, provided that conditions A, B, and C as spelled out above are met.

When does the dealer have to place the order for the generator by to qualify? If I buy a generator between 01/20/2020 and 03/01/2020 does it qualify for the promotion?

It makes no difference when the dealer orders the generator from Generac. As long as conditions A, B, and C listed above are met, the consumer qualifies. The dealer could use a generator he ordered a year ago from stock or the dealer could wait until the end of the promotion and order all of the generators. Keep in mind that in the past, promotions like this have caused a large volume of orders from dealers, so backlogs may occur on product towards the end of a promotion like this. Even if there is a backlog on product, Generac will not make any exceptions to any of the conditions of the promotion, so it is recommended that dealers place their orders as early as possible to get the product they need so that their customers can meet deadline dates for this promotion.

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