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We’ve earned an impressive near 5-star rating from many delighted customers. Free estimates, no-obligation proposals, and competitively priced Residential Generator Service Subscription plans are the cornerstones of our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and value.

In an age where constant power supply is non-negotiable, Indian River County, Florida, residents need a reliable solution. GenerX, a trusted Generac PowerPro Dealer, is here to meet that need. Our highly skilled in-house team, responsible for all installations, maintenance, and repairs, ensures we never need to outsource our work.

Resilient Readiness: The Importance of Generators for Florida Residents

Floridians cannot afford to be unprepared in the face of severe weather or power interruptions. Here are compelling reasons to consider a generator for your home or business:

    1. Unpredictable Weather & Natural Disasters: Storms and hurricanes can disrupt power for days. A generator offers a vital power backup during such challenging times.
    2. Uninterrupted Business Operations: For businesses, a power outage can halt operations and lead to significant revenue loss. A generator ensures continuity, regardless of external conditions.
    3. Increased Property Value: Installing a generator enhances your property’s value, making it an attractive investment.
    4. Sump Pump Protection: Generators are indispensable in homes with sump pumps, protecting from devastating flooding during power cuts.
    5. Peace of Mind: A reliable generator is the ultimate assurance, providing peace of mind that you’re ready for any power disruption.

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Expert Generac Generator Installation by GenerX

As an esteemed Generac PowerPro Dealer, GenerX promises unmatched quality. Our certified technicians, combined with Generac’s premium products, offer an installation experience that is both seamless and efficient throughout Indian River County.

Tailored Generac Installations No Matter Where You Are

GenerX provides customized Generac generator installations to suit the unique power demands of various facilities:

      • Residential Properties: From compact homes to sprawling mansions, we ensure your household has reliable power in case of an outage.
      • Commercial Enterprises: GenerX outfits businesses with robust generators capable of handling demanding loads and ensuring uninterrupted operations.
      • Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities: Our tailored solutions prioritize the welfare and comfort of residents in these critical care settings.
      • Industrial Complexes: GenerX offers powerful Generac generators designed for high-demand industrial usage, ensuring maximum efficiency and durability.

Preventative Maintenance: Why Floridians Need It

Routine maintenance is key to ensuring your generator’s longevity and optimal performance. GenerX’s preventative maintenance services cover routine check-ups, prompt repairs, and updates. Our affordable service subscription plans ensure every resident can access this essential service.

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Power Your Life with GenerX in Indian River County

In the face of uncertain weather and unexpected power interruptions, GenerX is your reliable power solution. Choose us for top-tier Generac generator installation, maintenance, and repair services in Indian River County. Our wealth of experience and dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart.

Don’t be caught unprepared during the next power outage. Reach out to GenerX today for your free, no-obligation estimate and proposal. Discover the GenerX advantage and secure your power supply now.

Your Power, Your Peace of Mind: The GenerX Promise

With GenerX and our Generac PowerPro Dealer distinction, you’re not just getting a generator—you’re investing in quality, reliability, and peace of mind. Let’s look at what sets us apart:

Generac: The Pinnacle of Power Generation

As a Generac PowerPro Dealer, we provide a comprehensive range of Generac generators known for their high performance, dependability, and cutting-edge technology. Whether you need a compact model for a small home or a high-capacity generator for industrial use, we have the right solution.

Precision Installation by Certified Professionals

Our certified technicians ensure that every generator is installed with accuracy and an unwavering commitment to safety. We understand that different facilities have distinct needs, and we strive to meet those unique requirements every time.

All-Inclusive Maintenance and Repair Services

Our commitment to your power needs continues after installation. GenerX offers an all-encompassing maintenance and repair service to keep your Generac generator in optimal condition. From routine tune-ups to complex repairs, we have the expertise to handle everything.

Unrivaled Customer Care

We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Our nearly perfect ratings reflect our dedication to outstanding customer service. With free estimates, no-obligation proposals, and affordable Residential Generator Service Subscription plans, we deliver unparalleled value to all our customers in Indian River County.

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Stay Powered with GenerX: Indian River County’s Choice for Generac Generators

Equip yourself with a reliable backup power solution and ensure that your home or business in Indian River County, Florida, never experiences an unexpected blackout. Choose GenerX, the top-rated Generac PowerPro Dealer, for exceptional generator services.

Protect your comfort and safety—don’t let a power outage catch you off guard. Contact GenerX today for a free estimate and enjoy the assurance of a reliable power backup. Trust in GenerX for your power needs because we’re not just a service provider but your energy partner.

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From the core of the engine to the controls, we stand by our product with one of the best warranties in the industry. We ensure that our generators are quiet, powerful and reliable – and this can only be done by sourcing the best possible product. Generac Generators are the largest and most reliable source for home, business, and recreational backup generators. We offer competitive sales, installation, and service to ensure that the quality of our guests’ experience is top-tier, no matter the nature of their generator needs. GenerX is proud to have been designated as Generac’s PowerPro Dealer for 6 consecutive years.

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"Mark Costis and the Generx team keep my whole house powered in case of city power outages. They have the greatest service and excellent products. With a full tank of propane (250 gallons) I can run my whole house for at least a week. Thanks Mark! A Generx Generator was a great investment!"


"Irma would've been an even bigger nightmare without our generator--it's officially my new favorite thing, and I'm grateful for the work you're doing in the Tampa Bay area."


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