Technology advances at a very high rate, and as a result many things are starting to improve. Even emergency generators for home use are getting their fair share of technological advancements. These advancements have led to generators that can operate more efficiently and keep you comfortable during something that’s usually extremely uncomfortable… a power outage. In today’s blog, we go over five of the most cutting-edge features to look for so you can select the best home emergency generator.


  1. Automatic Load Management
    Some home emergency generators will struggle to handle varying power demands leading to inefficient power delivery and potential overload issues. However, Generac emergency home generators with automatic load management can respond to these varying demands and adjust power output as needed. This will ensure optimal performance, prevent overload, and extend the lifespan of the generator. 
  2. Noise Reduction Technology
    One of the drawbacks of traditional home emergency generators is that they are loud when they run. As you can imagine, this means you and your neighbors will be disrupted. However, advancements in engine designs and sound insulation material have resulted in emergency home generators that are much quieter. Some models are even engineered for low noise levels making them ideal for areas with noise regulations. 
  3. Increased Fuel Efficiency
    Running out of fuel during a storm would not be ideal during a power outage, especially if it is caused by a storm. For reasons like this, fuel efficiency is important when it comes to operating an emergency home generator. Many modern generators are designed to optimize fuel consumption with variable engine speeds and electronic fuel injection. This will ensure that you have access to reliable backup power for long periods of time without having to worry about refueling constantly. 
  4. Remote Monitoring
    We live in a time where there is a smart phone app for everything, and emergency home generators are no exception to this. Modern generators can now be equipped with Wi-Fi and connect to your phone through an app. This will allow homeowners to monitor their generator from anywhere, receive alerts, and even control it remotely. Remote monitoring is important as you won’t have to wonder what’s going on with your generator and you can stay on top when it comes to refueling, starting it up, and more. 
  5. Enhanced Safety
    Dealing with backup power systems can be more dangerous than you may think, making enhanced safety essential. Don’t let this scare you because many modern emergency home generators are equipped with a range of safety features. This includes automatic shutdown when oil pressure drops or engine temperatures are high. Some models also feature carbon monoxide sensors to prevent you from breathing in harmful gas. There are also automatic transfer switches that are meant to prevent back feeding electricity into the grid which could result in electrical hazards.

These five advancements in home emergency generators are essential to keeping you and your family comfortable during an outage, extend the lifespan of your generator, and overall improve the experience of owning a generator. To learn more about the options that are out there, you can speak with a professional such as
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