Florida is a great state to live in if you love warm weather, ocean beaches, golfing and world-class entertainment. It can also be a dangerous place to be if you don’t prepare your home for inclement weather, potential power outages and natural disasters. One of the best ways to do this is to get a backup power generator.

With so many generators on the market to choose from, it’s easy to get lost when comparing shopping. This guide reviews the differences between portable generators and standby generators so you can decide whether it’s worthwhile to invest money in an automatic generator for your family.

What Is a Standby Generator?

Standby generators use natural gas or liquid propane fuel to provide backup power automatically during power outages. If you’re experiencing an extended power outage, whole-house generators allow you to continue living your life without the type of disruption your neighbors might be experiencing. 

You can also get a house generator that runs on more than one fuel source if you’re cautious about disruptions to your natural gas lines during an emergency.  

When considering portable vs. standby generators, the cost is the major downside to owning a whole-house generator. It’s significantly more expensive to purchase, install and maintain a standby generator, but there are ways you can justify that cost. One way to recoup your investment is through added property value because standby generators are attractive to home buyers. 

If you need to use your generator, the fuel cost is also lower than gasoline, which is the most common fuel source for portable generators.  

Standby Generac Generator

What Is a Portable Generator?

A portable generator is a backup generator that you can quickly move from one location to another. While it’s possible to find a portable generator that runs on other fuel types, most run on gasoline. 

Using gasoline to power your home can become expensive if your power supply is out for more than a few hours. A portable generator can guzzle up to 20 gallons of gasoline per day.  

Another downside to owning a portable generator is you need to turn it on yourself. This could be problematic if a power outage occurs when you’re not home and need to use your garage door or other essential home appliances in the interim. The last thing you want is to come home to an entire refrigerator of spoiled food, for example.  


Comparing Portable Generators to Whole-Home Standby Generators 

The right generator for your home depends on how much power you use and whether you’re willing to use less power during an outage. Portable generators are much cheaper, and you don’t need to worry about installing them. You need to connect them to your breaker and fire them up when you need power, and they aren’t nearly as fuel-efficient as a standby system that uses a propane tank or natural gas line.  

While you could save money on a portable generator in the short term, a whole-home generator is the better long-term solution. You don’t need to switch the generator on when you lose power manually; automatic backup generators are like an alternative power station capable of powering your entire house. 

Many homeowners are turning to them for their backup power needs because they run more quietly, come with a professional installation and automatically turn on.

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Types of Generators for Your Home

When considering portable and standby generators, remember that a standby generator is permanently installed and adds property value if you decide to sell your home in the future. Not only does it reduce your up-front costs, but you can also cover maintenance and repair costs with a monthly service agreement. 

Standby generator installation may cost up to $10,000, but many homeowners looking for a more affordable solution are financing their generators.  You can learn about GenerX’s financing options by clicking here.

Guardian® Series Generac Generator

The 22 kW* Guardian® Series home standby generator is the market’s largest air-cooled home standby generator. It includes a remote monitoring feature that allows you to check the status of your generator from anywhere you have an internet connection. 


The unique powder-coated finish is perfect for warm, wet environments because it resists corrosion to add durability.  The power output provided is suitable for most homes during emergency power outages.

Guardian Series home power generator systems take up much less space than competitors and use your home’s natural gas line to automatically back up your home’s electrical system during an outage. 

The Guardian Series comes in a range of power outputs, so you can install just what you need to power your entire home.


The Generac Synergy 20kW variable speed backup generator is the industry’s first variable speed home generator providing homeowners with the highest technology available today. 

Generac Synergy generator for your home

This standby unit maximizes engine “breathing” for increased fuel efficiency. 

Quiet-Test™ significantly reduces sound output and fuel consumption during biweekly exercise. You can quickly provide power to all the appliances in your home with this standby generator.

Why Florida Homes Need Standby Generators

Florida has been experiencing increasing electricity demand and is prone to hurricanes and other inclement weather events. Maintaining access to power with home generators isn’t a simple convenience; it can make a life-or-death difference during a natural disaster when you need to keep your family safe.

A few advantages to purchasing a standby generator include making it easier to enter your home during a power outage, maintaining your security systems, protecting your food supply and reducing the impact a natural disaster may have on your family when you’re weathering the storm.

How GenerX Can Help You and Your Family

If you’re considering buying a portable generator, let us show you what a huge difference having a permanent whole-home standby generator can make. We can help you compare generator types, explain the differences and find the most affordable solution to your backup power needs. Contact us today for a free estimate.