You can’t be too prepared when it comes to power outages. Backup generators are a great way to ensure you have the electricity you need, whether in your commercial space, business or construction site. They’re often used during outages and blackouts, but they also help keep things running smoothly during just about any situation where you need emergency power.

Having a backup generator means that if your primary source of electricity goes down for any reason, you’ll still have access to energy (heat, hot water and machinery). But which backup power generator is best? We’ve compared several top models to help you answer that question.

Why You Should Consider a Diesel Generator for your business?

Natural gas generators can generate power for as long as they’re connected to a gas line, but if your business loses access to your gas supply, your generator is useless.

The best option is to buy a diesel generator. Diesel is a safe and stable fuel source that’s relatively easy to store on your property. It’s also more fuel-efficient than gasoline, making it a better option than gas generators. 

When looking for the best diesel generator, understand that portable diesel generators don’t turn on automatically and your business will experience downtime once you can turn it on.

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What to Look for in a Backup Generator

Still trying to figure out where to start? Here’s what we recommend you look for in a backup generator.

Diesel Engine Powered Stand-by Generators

Diesel generators provide reliable power, with some powering up to eight circuits. Many also include generator features like quiet operation, a fuel gauge and an automatic voltage regulator. We highly recommend looking for diesel engines to power your backup generator instead of alternatives like an inverter generator.

Protection Against Surge Power

Surging occurs when a generator’s engine speed isn’t consistent. A reliable generator will include protection against surges to ensure your energy supply isn’t interrupted. GenerX is Flordia’s leading business installer of generators, so we will ensure excess surge power isn’t an issue. And the best part — if you business has a power surge issue, we also service existing generators in business. 

The Best Option for Quiet Operation

Some generators are exceptionally quiet, while others make large amounts of loud noise. A quiet generator is the best option for a home since you’ll be able to sleep without being distracted by generator noise.


Best Diesel Generator Manufacturers

Kohler Commercial Generators

Kohler designs and manufactures quality products. Thanks to PowerBoost technology, its diesel systems can handle large loads from an air conditioner or electric water heater without compromising power output to other appliances and power outlets. You can choose from single-fuel generators or dual-fuel designs that run on propane or natural gas as a backup fuel source.

Kohler’s diesel standby generators can provide enough power to keep a home’s appliances running or keep an industrial business from shutting down operations during a power outage.

Commercial Generators by CAT

CAT generators are built for industrial and commercial customers with specific backup power needs. Their diesel gen sets undergo extensive testing to ensure the generators are durable and reliable when needed. Companies operating in extreme heat often turn to CAT for their backup generators because they come with advanced cooling systems and can provide power up to 131°F. CAT offers permanently installed solutions and portable diesel generator options with a wheel kit.

Winco Diesel Standby

Winco offers portable models for those who want a mobile lightweight generator but can also deliver dependable power to construction sites if a portable generator doesn’t cut it. Its diesel backup generators have electric start motors, automatic low-fuel indication, shut-off protection and automatic voltage meter regulation. All this means that if a problem could lead to a catastrophic accident, the generator will turn itself off automatically.

Premium Industrial Standby Generators by Generac

Generac is the highest-recommended generator brand according to both consumer product reporting agencies and contractor review services. You can rely on any of its diesel, or dual-fuel generators to give you enough power for your needs. We highly recommend Generac for the best fuel efficiency and performance you can expect from a diesel generator.


Diesel-Fueled Generators

Generac Protector® Series Diesel Standby Generator

If you’re looking for a diesel generator, the Protector Series offers everything you could need for residential or commercial use. The following features are why most people choose Generac for their backup power needs.

Quiet-Test™ Mode

The Protector Series runs automatic diagnostics on itself once a week, so you’re aware of any issues before any need for emergency power. This is also useful for regular maintenance because you always know what type of repairs you need.

Evolution™ Controller

The control panel on all Protector Series generators is intuitive and easy to use. It’s also backlit so that you can operate it at night.

Mobile Link™ Connectivity

One of the most popular features of Generac generators is the ability to check their status from anywhere in the world. You can tell if your generator is active due to a power outage and how much fuel you reserve. If you need to refuel, the fuel tank is easy to access, so you can ensure your power supply isn’t interrupted.

Extended Tank

If you’re worried about extended power loss, you can equip your generator with a larger fuel tank. These extended tanks give you up to two days of power between fuel-ups.

Code Ready

All Generac diesel backup generators are built to comply with state and local building codes. You have the benefit of multiple preconfigured options and accessories to ensure compliance.

Find the Right Generator for Your Business

Diesel backup generators are great for homeowners who want to take the worry out of their power supply. They’re powerful enough to run the essentials in your home and can be installed quickly, making them perfect for use in an emergency or during a power outage. If you need help choosing which model is right for you, talk to the experts at GenerX Generators today!

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