Companies make promises to their customers every day. Promises to deliver on time and act with professionalism. Most even claim to be the best at what they do. Do you believe them?

The only way to discover the truth is to find verified testimonials from others who have already interacted with the company in question. Two important questions to ask yourself as you browse a company’s reviews: How many positive reviews are there? How did the company respond to any potential negative reviews? 

Keep reading to view a handful of satisfied client testimonials, out of the hundreds we have on record.


“In August of 2021 I purchased a 24kw Generac whole house generator from GenerX. They have been most excellent to deal with from the initial consultation, permitting, and installation. Today, Rick and Paul came out and did my first annual service, great timing since my generator powered the house for 55 hours during and after Hurricane Ian. It performs flawlessly and automatically comes on within 10 seconds of power interruption. Love the product and the professional, timely, and friendly service provided by GenerX. If you’ve been thinking about investing in a whole house generator, GenerX is your best bet and there’s no better time than Now. The peace of mind and people who stand behind their product and workmanship is priceless!” – David C. 


“I thought I would share my recent experience with Hurricane Ian and the Generx whole house generator installed at my house. IAN knocked out power in the night when I was sleeping. The generator came on and powered the house. It made a big difference for the day that power was out. The propane tanks outside were properly tied down and did not move even in the strong winds. When power came on the generator turned off. Best of all the generator was very quiet. This is a good product, well installed. Thank you.” – Peter D.


“This company met all my needs for my generator purchase and install. They kept me updated the entire time. They were well staffed when I had questions and I never had to leave a message or sit on hold. My install team was Austin, Brandon and Skyler, who were on time, efficient, and made sure all my questions were asked. The office coordinator, Cordell, was also wonderful. I would highly recommend this company.” – Janet A.


“Just hired this company to do my mobile link monitoring and annual maintenance on my 22K Generac whole house generator. Previous company who installed it failed to perform the yearly schedule & maintenance required for this machine and its customer service and communication “skills” were very poor. Enter GenerX. I dealt with Emily and Madeline over the phone initially. They were courteous, responsive, and immediately got me hooked up with the Mobile Link app on my phone. They then sent Jordan out to do the schedule A maintenance. She was very pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable about the generator and did an excellent job doing the required maintenance. So glad I found this company. I regret not buying and installing the generator with them initially, but can’t say enough good things about them. My “go to” generator folks from now on.” – Mark F.


“The entire GenerX team, especially Rob Schwiebert, was responsive to any questions and needs from day one.  In addition, they were not only cost competitive, but agreed to match other bids for like-kind equipment. With hurricane season upon us (and nearly a year since installation), I contacted GenerX, as I had some concerns about maintenance, among other things. Once again, the response was not only immediate, it was thorough. This is a top-shelf, consumer friendly operation.” – Jim P.


“These guys are AMAZING!! When hurricane Ian took out my TECO power, my 48kW Generac kicked in. so far, so good. 10 hours later, the generator shut down. Propane levels were fine, so I called Mark at GenerX. They were swamped and could not get a tech out to me anytime soon. So Mark talked me through analyzing the system from the control panel, talked me thru refilling the green antifreeze, checking and topping up the oil. Mark talked me thru restarting the unit, but it kept overheating and shutting down. Mark (the owner) had to travel to another job, so he put me in contact with Matt to keep it going- After disconnecting and reinstalling the control box, it still kept overheating. Matt then patiently talked me through cleaning the radiator. It turned out that the insulation was being shredded and clogging the radiator fins. Matt talked me thru cleaning the fins. Still overheating. Then, Matt walked me through getting into the fan compartment (ratchet wrench and all). Then I saw more insulation shredded, and a broken radiator fan belt. So then, Matt found a fan belt, and I drove over to the shop and bought it ($35). Matt then walked me through installing the new fan belt, pulley tensioning and all. The generator restarted and ran smoothly for the next 25 hours until power came back on. Mark and Matt went above and beyond to get me back up and running even though they couldn’t get a tech out for weeks!! These guys at GenerX are amazing !! GenerX gets my highest marks !!! way more than 5 stars!! Thank you guys!!” – Lennox H.


Believe the hype! Nothing is more important to us than making sure our clients are safe and satisfied. 

The entire GenerX team works hard to maintain universal standards of quality in order to meet this goal on a consistent basis — and that’s why we’re proud to have earned our excellent customer satisfaction rating, repeated referrals, and “POWERPRO: Generac Premier Dealer Rating.” 


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