With hurricane season upon us, it’s a time for preparation. As all Floridians know first-hand, it’s extremely important to be equipped for a hurricane. That means water, flashlights, non-perishable foods, and generators. These supplies give us peace of mind in the lead-up to a hurricane, and they can be essential to our survival when the storm hits. When Hurricane Dorian seemed to be coming our way, Floridians all over the state mobilized to make sure their families stayed safe, and we were fortunate enough not to be affected by the storm.

However, our friends in the Bahamas did not have the same fortune. Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas as a massive Category 5 storm, wreaking havoc on the beautiful island for approximately 48 hours. Once the storm moved on, the island was left devastated with widespread destruction. Thousands of families have lost their homes and possessions – and, for some, even their lives. The Bahamas is currently in the beginning of what will be a time-consuming reconstruction effort – and they need our help.

We are confident that, through our combined efforts, our neighbors in the Caribbean will see their beautiful island restored. In the meantime, though, certain provisions are necessary for the survival and comfort of those who are there.

That is why we at GenerX are honored to have had the privilege to do our part in helping the Bahamas to recover. So far, GenerX has donated four of our top-of-the-line generators to help families stay powered up in the Bahamas – and there are more to come.

Together, we can help our friends and neighbors in the Bahamas rehabilitate their island. To find out how you can contribute, click here.