Whether you’re facing a particularly nasty storm, a season of unpredictable weather, or an unexpected power line failure, there are numerous steps to be taken to prepare your business for a power outage. By being proactive in your outage prep, you will have equipped your business with a safety net of precautions to make sure that you, your people, and your operations stay powerful – even when the power goes out.

Have the Minimum Number of Personnel In-House

Of course, it’s altogether possible that some outages take you completely by surprise. In most cases, however, business owners are given a few days’ notice about incoming storms or inclement weather. When you have the advantage of prior notice about a storm or other natural disturbance, take advantage of it to prepare your business for a power outage.This starts with being proactive about reducing the amount of employees who come in to your physical location.

If possible, allow work to be completely remotely during severe weather conditions. If the nature of your business requires employees to be physically present throughout the workday, keep your on-location staffing to the minimum that is necessary to keep daily operations running. Should an outage occur, this will ensure that the smallest possible number of your employees are inconvenienced or threatened by any resulting hazards.

Be Proactive About Surge Protection

When thinking about how to prepare your business for a power outage, it’s also crucial to stay safe when the lights turn back on. After an outage, it’s common for power surges to occur. Power surges are major outpours of energy that, when uncontrolled, can seriously damage your equipment or pose a considerable fire hazard. Surge protectors regulate these shocks to your property’s system, making sure that the excessive energy is kept at bay to keep your people and possessions safe.

If you are unable to afford quality surge protectors for your business or home, make sure all fire detectors are inspected and up-to-date. If a surge cannot be stopped preemptively following an outage, it is paramount that you have systems in place to alert you of any potential electrical fires.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

Emergency prep for an incoming storm means having far more than just a first-aid kit in hand. Whether it’s for your colleagues at work or loved ones at home, it’s crucial to over-anticipate what may be necessary in the face of an outage. Prepare an easily accessible and waterproof emergency kit stocked with flashlights, batteries, hand sanitizer, candles, lighters, and basic first-aid necessities. Also have non-perishable snacks, like crackers, protein bars, and tuna, on hand, along with plenty of water bottles. Depending on the severity of the weather causing the outage, compiling this kit will allow you to make sure your people are taken care of until the lights come back on or help is on the way.

Backup Generators Make All the Difference

The ultimate way to prepare your business for a power outage is to prevent one from directly affecting it in the first place. The only way to guarantee that the lights stay on is by investing in a top-of-the-line generator. Of course, all businesses are different, with varying sizes, locations, and needs. Luckily, generators are not one-size-fits-all. As you prepare your business to weather the storm, so to speak, contact a team of experts who have all of the necessary skills and equipment to help you find the ideal generator for the unique needs and characteristics of your business.

Of all of the meaningful precautions to be taken when facing a potential power outage, none is as effective as installing a great generator. Because no two businesses are alike, “great” is a relative term, and it can take a village of experts to determine what that means for you. If you’d like to see what options are available to prepare your business for a power outage, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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