All generators have a useful life span. Typically after 15 – 20 years it’s time to budget for a replacement. Generators spending their lives in corrosive areas, like those exposed to salt air along Clearwater beach, may need to be replaced even sooner.

Clearwater beach diesel generator replacement

Time to replace this old diesel generator.

Madeira Towers condominiums, on Madeira Beach, found themselves in need of a replacement generator. The simple thing to do would be to replace like for like, or in this case, a new diesel generator to replace the old one.

When does it make sense to upgrade to natural gas?

Before replacing a diesel generator, with another diesel generator, consider the following questions:

  • Do you receive complaints from employees or tenants, when the engine is running? The most common complaint is diesel engine exhaust smell, which can trigger concerns of carbon monoxide poisoning. Others are staining of the building surfaces / windows from the dirty exhaust and diesel particulates falling on parked cars.
  • Does your existing fuel supply last long enough? In other words… have you run out of fuel in the past?
  • Is it a hassle to re-fuel your diesel fuel tank? Has access for the fuel delivery truck become less accessible?
  • Do you have natural gas service? Clearwater gas provides service to most of the Clearwater beach front. If not, there are LP options that provide many of the advantages of natural gas.

Questions about which fuel [ Diesel vs Natural Gas] is the best choice for your application? See this article; Which Generator Fuel is Best – Diesel or Natural Gas?

Natural gas may cost a little more…

Clean, quiet and unlimited run time with natural gas.

However we encourage customers to consider the incremental difference in equipment costs. Spread out over a 20 year life span, many facilities owners will recognize that eliminating most of the complaints will easily justify the additional expense.

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Natural Gas Florida Condo generator conversion

Typical of these jobs, we removed the cement block wall to swap out the new generator and then our in-house masonry crew rebuilt the wall.