When your home experiences an extended electrical outage, as the result of a storm or hurricane, what do you miss most about the power being out?

  • Lights?
  • Cable TV?
  • Microwave popcorn?
  • Pool pump?
  • Automatic Garage Door?
  • Cold beer?
  • Airconditioning?
  • Working toilets?

If you’re like many homeowners with private wells, what they really can’t live without during an extended electrical outage is running water… which is all that’s needed to flush a toilet. Second place is typically the Automatic Garage Door 🙂

So what are your options for using temporary backup power, to keep your well pump… pumping?

Will a portable generator work?

Unfortunately no. Unlike many of your appliances that plug into an electrical outlet, your well pump is hard-wired into your home’s electrical circuits. Disconnecting these wires from your electrical panel during an outage and attempting to connect them to a portable generator, is potentially dangerous. Portable generators are designed for plug-in appliances only.

So I would need a stationary (permanent) standby generator?

Yes. To keep your well pump, pumping – a stationary generator is hard-wired into your electrical panel via an automatic transfer switch. Depending on your family’s budget, the generator can be sized to supply power to a few select circuits (well pump, kitchen appliances,garage door)  – or – a whole house backup generator can be installed that powers everything.

How do I choose?

This question typically comes down to cost. And that’s where GenerX can help. You can contact us to schedule a review of your home’s electrical needs. Then we can present you with a few options to keeping those toilets flushing no mater what the weather!