is one of my two favorite places to find generator reviews – the other being, which reviewed the 13kW Generac model 6241 

Here are a few reviews I screen saved from Amazon that I feel are both helpful and informative.


The generac model she’s referring to is our best seller (most power for the $$) and what we most typically install for homes in Florida with two air conditioning units.


Hire Professionals – wise words, except when you live in Florida where finding an attentive contractor can be a real pain-in-the-a**.

Installing and servicing Generac generators is all we do. And we also answer the phone… and show up on time.

Don’t believe me? Give us a try (813) 814-5900 or my (John) cell 727-432-5335. We’ll be out promptly to give you a no obligation price quote.

And no, we won’t insist that both you and your spouse will be there. We’re happy to provide you with pricing and then give you all the time you need to decide 🙂