Duke Energy, Tampa Electric and Florida Power and Light (FPL) all offer wonderful discount programs that pay you to install a standby generator to power your commercial or industrial facility.

For example, a Duke Energy customer, with a consistent 300kW load, can save $18,000.00 annually.

However not just any generator will qualify. There are very specific EPA regulations that dictate the emissions levels for generators used in Non-Emergency applications.

  • Emergency use is when the utility feed has failed – local outage, hurricane, brownout, etc…
  • Non-Emergency use is anytime the generator runs while there’s a good utility available – exercising, load banking, islanding/storm avoidance and any utility load/demand management programs.     

Facility owners purchasing a generator, for use in any electrical utility program that brings a financial gain, can choose between a diesel engine that is certified as Tier 4 final or a natural gas generator, certified for Non-Emergency use.

Generac offers Non-Emergency rated natural gas engine generators between 150kW and 500kW as single units.

Our Modular Power System (MPS) inexpensively connects and parallels multiple generators together. This gives us a solution to meet most any building load, at an operating cost (or first cost) far below that of any Tier 4i or Tier 4 final diesel engine.

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