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Backup Generators in Jupiter, Florida

Our world-class generator installation at GenerX, Florida’s #1 Generac dealer, will keep the lights on! We understand professional quality, service and the best warranties all play a part in your generator installation needs, so when looking for reliable power systems, we are your team!

Be sure to protect your home or business from a power outage before it’s too late. Installing a generator is an investment that will pay off when you need it most. Our team at GenerX is dedicated to helping you choose and install the best generator for your needs. We serve Brevard County, Indian River County, Okeechobee County, Glades County, Hendry County, St. Lucie County, Martin County and Palm Beach County surrounding Jupiter. 

Please contact us today to find out how we can help you be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Generac is a leading generator service for home standby generators and backup generator installation for your business. We offer residential whole-house generators, industrial generator services and business standby generator installation in Jupiter and throughout Florida.

Whole House Generator by Generac

A Generac home standby generator from GenerX will offer your family comfort and security when the electricity goes out and our professional installation automatically protects you from the elements. Worried about gasoline-powered portable power generators? Don’t be — No matter the type of generator you choose, quality service and safety are our #1 priority.

A home standby generator by Generac and installation from the GenerX team offers transfer switches that make it easy to provide power to your home’s electrical panel as you move from the home’s electrical system to the generator.

When you have young children or medically fragile individuals in your home, you know how essential it is to keep them comfortable, relaxed and secure. Extreme temperatures in FL can lead to health complications. We ensure complete customer satisfaction with your home’s generator installation!

Keeping your perishable food safe and your entire house secure can be challenging during a prolonged power outage. Still, a Generac standby generator can help prevent food waste and fill those starving bellies.  Your house is an oasis and customers have spoken lavishly about our house generator installation services — check out our 5-star reviews on Google.

Reliable Power Systems & Generac Generator Installation for Your Business 

The last thing any business wants is a power outage. The number of power outages in Florida is ranked on the higher end of the average, with around 51 to 100 outages per year.

Beyond natural disasters, utility power mishaps are the #1 cause of electrical issues in Jupiter. When you lose power at your business, it’s not just an inconvenience; it can impact your bottom line. Don’t you want protection from both? Backup generator installation by Jupiter’s leading Generac standby generator team can be that answer!

A grocery store that loses power loses money when perishable foods spoil. A hair salon that can’t use its tools can lose appointments. Power outages at healthcare facilities can put patients or residents at risk. Institutions that rely on data transfer and digital transactions can’t operate their computer systems without power.

Having a backup generator by Generac is the cost-effective way to ensure your customers stay happy, your business thrives and any commercial endeavor is protected. Generac standby generators deliver the performance businesses need. Call us today at (561) 581-8499 to see how GenerX can help your business!

A Backup Generator by Generac for Industry

Jupiter, FL, is known for its lighthouse and celebrities, but industry is the breadwinner that deserves competitive pricing for backup generator installation. Welcome, GenerX!

Generac generators for industrial use keep your manufacturing processes running and provide the ease of moving from utility power, preventing unnecessary downtime. With less than 5% total harmonic distortion, Generac’s Protector series offers superior power quality. You can count on the Protector series generator services to keep electronics such as computers and appliances running efficiently and smoothly.

GenerX Offers Professional Installation and Service After Generator Sales

GenerX starts by assessing your power needs to help you choose the best backup generator for your home to keep your family safe or business electrical services to keep your commercial venture running.

You won’t need to worry about permits, site work, inspections, or navigating the maze of regulations or approvals. We’ll install the concrete generator pad, connect the generator to the fuel supply, install the automatic transfer switch and wire the system controls.

We’ll test the system in your presence and ensure the manufacturer’s warranty is active. After we set up your Generac generator in Jupiter, we can provide maintenance and repair when you need it.

Not only do we provide maintenance and service for Generac generators, but we also service other brands, including CAT, Champion Cummins, Briggs & Stratton and Kohler. Call us at (561) 581-8499 and we’ll get your generator up and running in Jupiter, FL.

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From the core of the engine to the controls, we stand by our product with one of the best warranties in the industry. We ensure that our generators are quiet, powerful and reliable – and this can only be done by sourcing the best possible product. Generac Generators are the largest and most reliable source for home, business, and recreational backup generators. We offer competitive sales, installation, and service to ensure that the quality of our guests’ experience is top-tier, no matter the nature of their generator needs. GenerX is proud to have been designated as Generac’s PowerPro Dealer for 6 consecutive years.

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"Mark Costis and the Generx team keep my whole house powered in case of city power outages. They have the greatest service and excellent products. With a full tank of propane (250 gallons) I can run my whole house for at least a week. Thanks Mark! A Generx Generator was a great investment!"


"Irma would've been an even bigger nightmare without our generator--it's officially my new favorite thing, and I'm grateful for the work you're doing in the Tampa Bay area."