Generac Backup Generators in Clermont, Florida

GenerX is here to generate peace of mind and power up Clermont, Florida.

Backup Generators in Clermont, Florida

With a Generac installation by GenerX Generator Generators, residents of Lake County, Seminole County, Orange County, Osceola County and Polk County know that no matter what mother nature throws their way, their homes and businesses are protected from power outages. 

We trust Generac Generators because they offer a range of customized options depending on your needs and budget – from affordable models to heavy-duty units capable of powering anything you need. Don’t wait until it’s too late – protect your family’s security and businesses bottom dollar with Generac Generators from GenerX.


Generac Generators Help Keep Homes Safe and Secure

Power outages in places like Clermont and Orlando, FL, can cause residents to feel unsafe. It’s difficult to move through a dark house. Extreme temperatures can be uncomfortable and dangerous, especially for young children and older adults. Having a Generac generator for the home makes sense. GenerX sells, installs and services Generac home generators. We’ll help you select a quiet unit that fits your budget and runs on natural gas or propane. We’ll also install your generator and provide service after the sale.

Generac Generators Keep Businesses Going

Running a retail business during a power outage can be challenging. Without electricity, it’s hard to keep the doors open because of regulations requiring hot water in restaurants and other public places and refrigeration to keep perishable food from spoiling. Computers needed to manage transactions can’t operate. Generac generators provide reliable backup power and can save money by preventing losses due to power outages.

Generac Generators Keep Industrial Sites and Health Care Facilities Running

Manufacturing and health care are two industries where power outages can wreak havoc. A power outage becomes a life-threatening situation for vulnerable patients and residents. Medical equipment won’t work, making it impossible to perform emergency procedures. Manufacturing operations can come to a standstill without backup power.

Heavy-duty diesel-powered generators keep continuous operations running. Count on GenerX professionals to install and service a Generac backup generator that meets health care or industrial needs.

Clermont, FL, homes and businesses can rely on GenerX for the highest-quality generator installation when they need backup generators. If you’re in Lake County or surrounding areas, call GenerX for pricing information and get a Generac generator with one of the best warranties in Central Florida.

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From the core of the engine to the controls, we stand by our product with one of the best warranties in the industry. We ensure that our generators are quiet, powerful and reliable – and this can only be done by sourcing the best possible product. Generac Generators are the largest and most reliable source for home, business, and recreational backup generators. We offer competitive sales, installation, and service to ensure that the quality of our guests’ experience is top-tier, no matter the nature of their generator needs. GenerX is proud to have been designated as Generac’s PowerPro Dealer for 6 consecutive years.

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"Mark Costis and the Generx team keep my whole house powered in case of city power outages. They have the greatest service and excellent products. With a full tank of propane (250 gallons) I can run my whole house for at least a week. Thanks Mark! A Generx Generator was a great investment!"


"Irma would've been an even bigger nightmare without our generator--it's officially my new favorite thing, and I'm grateful for the work you're doing in the Tampa Bay area."