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What is a Standby Generator?

What is a Standby Generator?

For most of us, it’s a foregone conclusion that when we flick a light switch on or plug our phone in, the power will be there to serve us. We don’t even think twice about it; it’s simply a fact of life we take for granted. On the rare occasion that a power surge or...

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Why Choose a Generac Generator?

Why Choose a Generac Generator?

We know there’s no shortage of generator companies vying for your business; many of them are right here in Tampa. We know we aren’t the only ones who claim to be the best. And we know many companies will promise you bargain basement prices to try to win your business....

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How Much Value Does a Standby Generator Add to My Home?

How Much Value Does a Standby Generator Add to My Home?

Most homeowners quickly learn that properly maintaining a home can often feel like a never-ending pull on the purse/pocket strings. And although there isn’t usually an easy way to avoid shelling out a few greenbacks here and there, smart homeowners understand the...

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"Mark Costis and the Generx team keep my whole house powered in case of city power outages. They have the greatest service and excellent products. With a full tank of propane (250 gallons) I can run my whole house for at least a week. Thanks Mark! A Generx Generator was a great investment!"


"Irma would've been an even bigger nightmare without our generator--it's officially my new favorite thing, and I'm grateful for the work you're doing in the Tampa Bay area."


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