How can you know if the company offering to install a new generator at your home or business is any good? Or maybe you

Click to view our Home Advisor ratings.

Click to view our Home Advisor ratings.

know a quality electrical contractor, will you be taken care of properly by the generator’s servicing dealer… a company who you’ve in all likelihood never met?

Not knowing the servicing dealer is never a problem for our customers. GenerX is both the servicing (and the only Generac Premier dealer) in Florida and a licensed electrical installation contractor for generators here in the Tampa / St Petersburg area and down the West Coast of Florida all the way to Naples.

You can confirm our contractor’s license here – enter our lic # EC13004470


There are 25 differences between GenerX Generators and a local electrical contractor we feel you should be concerned with. We’ve created a handy Generator Contractor Comparison Fact Sheet with all 25 for you to download. Click here or on the image to download the full-size pdf. Then compare us to anyone else!

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Use this fact sheet to make an intelligent choice and prevent problems in the future.