I’ll need to know that both you and your husband will be at home for my presentation…

Don’t you just hate hearing this from salespeople; sorry, but we won’t come out until you’ll both be there.

All you wanted is for a company representative to come to your home and then give you an estimate for some product or service. It might be for new windows, or a screened porch, or maybe your air conditioner has quit. Instead of a simple process, the salesperson starts making demands that are frustrating, if not downright demeaning – especially to women!

I found this article on angie’s list expressing the same feelings.

Kelly Christensen says she didn’t expect her marital status to be an issue when making contractor appointments to get new windows installed.

But Christensen says she learned firsthand how that’s not always the case when she tried to find a contractor to get an estimate from NewSouth Window Solutions, near Orlando, Florida.

“When I called for an appointment, they wouldn’t set an appointment for myself only,” the Orlando Angie’s List member says. “Even after I told them I was in charge of the window replacement with my husband’s full knowledge and blessing, and that I would be making the purchasing decisions and writing the check, they told me it was company policy.”

She ultimately hired a different company that had no such requirements. She later submitted an F review for NewSouth’s Orlando location, its only review on Angie’s List.

It turns out that this is a common sales tactic that’s used by high pressure at-home salespeople.


Ever heard a window company say they require that both the husband and wife be present for their quote? Maybe they said they needed all the decision makers or everyone who is on the paperwork for the house. Have you wondered why this would be?

The answer is plain as day, but it might not seem so obvious if you don’t have much experience with home improvements. To make it short, they want you both to be there so they can try to talk you into buying on the spot without taking any time to think it over.

Remember these companies have been in business for years, they’ve met with thousands of folks who were considering a replacement window project just like you are. They know if they meet with the husband alone he’s likely to say “I’ll talk it over with my wife”.  And the wife will likely say the same thing about the husband.  Or one partner about the other, you get the idea.  Once that happens there isn’t much the company can do to close the deal. They’ll likely still try, but they know their odds are significantly reduced.

This never happens to our customers.

We’re happy to come out and meet with just you to review your home for a new generator installation. Then we’ll email you our proposal and you can review it with your significant other at your leisure.

So anytime that’s good for you, is a good time for us. Call John (727) 432-5335 to set an appointment.